Ignatius Piazza

Self Defense Training - Nothing To Fear in Firearms at Front Sight

Living in Los Angeles, this writer can safely say that there are times when a person might feel that his physical well-being is at risk. Strong-arm robbery is not at all unheard of, and unarmed assault is something that many people fear and prepare for. How do they prepare for this? With self defense training, of course. Tae Kwan Do is an ever-popular choice, plenty of those little training houses crop up everywhere one looks. Karate is obviously also not uncommon. Look into the windows those studios have and you'll see men, women and children receiving pretty good self defense training.

Why, then, is no one more proactive about self defense training in the realm of firearms? It seems to this writer that while it makes sense that if someone is worried about unarmed attacks, he gets unarmed self defense training, shouldn't a nation in constant fear of firearms get gun training and firearms training as a form of self defense training?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute thinks America is long overdue for some good training. Self defense training is exactly what Front Sight delivers to each of its students. Well, self defense and responsibility. They are working with guns, after all, and people should be trained not only in their effective use, but also their safe, responsible use. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight is intent upon having all gun users, and probably eventually all citizens, of America to be trained with his program's firearms training.

Dr. Piazza's institute, Front Sight, is the nation's largest, most successful gun training school. Front Sight trains more students every year than all other shooting schools in America combined, and in addition to that, they have the nation's highest safety rating, the only safety incident they've ever had occurred in 1999, when a student was hit with hot brass, ejected from a nearby submachine gun. With such track records and intentions, it's no wonder Front Sight is leading the industry and leading the way in firearms training, giving all its students self defense training of the highest caliber.

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