Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight

Front Sight - Creating Enthusiastic Students

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is regularly featured in publications and periodicals across the planet. Most every one is supportive of the $25 million project which aims to train every gun user, and probably eventually every American, on safe, effective gun use. The gun training one can receive at Front Sight is prime. Keep your ear to the ground, however, and you might even catch wind of a free submachine gun class, which are offered on fair occasion. The writer of the Playboy magazine article on Front Sight, attended one of these introductory submachine gun classes.

According to him, over 3,500 people attended the free submachine gun course in 1999 with only a single safety incident which actually happened when a student received a cut on his forehead from a piece of flying brass. According to the article in Playboy, Front Sight claims the finest safety record in the world.

It makes sense that Front Sight has such an excellent safety record, for their prime objective is turning every gun user in America into safe, responsible firearms experts. The firearms training that Front Sight offers is unlike anything before it. With Dr. Ignatius Piazza running the Las Vegas, Nevada shooting school, there's likely not a thing about firearms training that isn't covered by Front Sight.

Dr. Piazza is one of the world's only Four Weapons Combat Masters. An accreditation held by one other man before Dr. Piazza also achieved it (the first man had been the only one in nearly twelve years of publication of the certification), Four Weapons Combat Master is the highest level of gun training available. This puts Dr. Piazza in the right position to be training others, and his sense of duty and responsibility shows in each and every one of his instructors, and gets passed on to his students.

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