Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza - Not Your Typical Playboy, The Ladies Say It's the Mustache That Does It, Though

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is not your typical playboy. He was featured in Playboy magazine, however. Dr. Piazza is a forty-something former chiropractor from California. Before 1988, Dr. Piazza had been an average gun enthusiast who frequented shooting ranges. But on one evening in 1988, a group of all-around miscreants and thugs drove through his neighborhood and proceeded to shoot at and try to destroy everything in that neighborhood which represented a hardworking, decent work ethic.

Dr. Piazza found himself on the ground of his living room, listening to shots fire and bullets fly. Although he had considered himself a gun user, when he might have needed it if the drive-by had become a home invasion, for instance he would have been helpless, for his pistol was locked away somewhere else in the house, and he was untrained in defensive gun techniques; he had no self defense training with guns. He suddenly realized that he had no applicable training for his gun. Sure, if he and his target were standing still, a set distance apart, he could slowly squeeze off a shot or two and get a fairly good grouping, but he didn't have firearms training to put him in charge of a firearm-related incident. He suspected that a vast percentage of America's limited gun users didn't have such gun training either.

This realization helped to fuel Dr. Piazza's new goal in life: train America in the use of firearms. Obviously in no position to train others, Dr. Piazza set out for training of his own. Thousands of hours and many years went into his training, and brought him under the hand of several of the time's best shooting instructors. After a dozen week-long courses, Dr. Piazza was a certified expert in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Special Pistol. But this wasn't enough. For in his training, he had learned of a certification which only one other man had ever achieved in the twelve years since its publication: the Four Weapons Combat Master.

Dr. Piazza set out on yet more training, working several hours a day every day and renting an entire shooting range all day on Saturdays to practice. After six months he started taking the examination. Several failures helped to train him further. Finally, in 1993, he became the world's second Four Weapons Combat Master.

Since then, Ignatius Piazza's projects of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has leapt to enormous heights. Every year, Front Sight trains more students than all other shooting schools in America combined, and the students keep coming back. Small wonder, with Dr. Piazza's enormous store of knowledge, he has created the world's finest firearms training, and he now hires only the finest instructors to aid him in teaching America's gun users.

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