Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza Offers The Man's Man Firearms Training of the Highest Caliber

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is used to getting publicity; journalists from literally all over the world are common at the Las Vegas, Nevada grounds. Front Sight is America's largest firearms training school, training more students every year than all other shooting schools in America combined, as such, attention from the press is both expectable and normal. Front Sight has received attention from news sources from all over the world, journalists have come from as far as Spain to see what makes Front Sight different from all other shooting schools.

With Front Sight's most recent announcement, however, even more journalists, representing even more nations and demographics have flocked to Front Sight. The fact that Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight, is giving away free submachine gun lessons to anyone and everyone who can make it to the Las Vegas, Nevada site of the illustrious shooting school. And yes, that's completely free - rental, lesson, ammo, all of it free. And to those who say there's no such thing as a free lunch, well., they're right. There is an optional presentation by Dr. Piazza himself regarding what Front Sight's most recent developments are and will be. So yes, the skeptics figured it out: a full day's lesson of submachine gun training, rental and ammo for free and you have to sit through a speech of Dr. Piazza, if you want to.

So what are Front Sight's plans? Dr. Piazza plans to make Front Sight into a firearms training resort town. He plans to make Front Sight the world's first gun town, a town not unlike Pebble Beach or other residential communities. Except instead of being anchored by a golf course or a racquet club, Front Sight, Nevada will be founded around firing ranges and an armory. Sound like your kind of place? Check out Front Sight.

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